13 | 07 | 2024

Delivery of ore mining and processing equipment from Massan (Korea) and Houston (USA) to Komsomolsk (Poltava reg, Ukraine) for Ferexpo Poltava GOK Corporation. Item1: 108 mts, dia 8.6m x 1.8m; Item2: 60 mts dia 7.32m x 3.05 m. Transshipment was made in the port of Illychevsk by floating cranes. River shipment – by barge PDM-11. Discharging in Komsomolsk – using Ro-Ro method by special heavy lift trailer, without any cranes.

Barge mooring to the pier in Komsomolsk Ramp is ready for discharging
Movement started Very important moment of discharging
Item2 is on the ground Item1 is almost discharged
The work is finished