14 | 04 | 2024

M/v «LARIX» (ex-name «ST-1382») and m/v «SAFORA» (ex-name «ST-1386»), Design 191 of Tito Shipyard (Belgrade, Yugoslavia), were built in SAVA Shipyard (Brodogradiliste Sava Macvanska Mitrovica) in the city of Mitrovica (Yugoslavia) in the framework of the USSR government’s Food Supply Program (in the 1980s) and designed for carriages of fruit and vegetables.

M/v LAURUS was built under our supervision in Taizhou, China.
Pls visit www.laurus.dtschart.com for further details

Since 2008 Donbasstransiteservice has been developing and introducing the fuel oil consumption and propulsion plant control system on board the vessels under its management.