10 | 12 | 2019

Transshipment of two sweet gas k.o. drums (13.1 m x 3.55 m x 4.366 m, 72.2 mts each) from the vessel “BBC SCOTLAND” onto the r/w transporters and inland delivery to Kazakhstan (r/w station Karabatano) for Agip KCO N.V.

Transshipment of beer tanks from sea vessel to trucks, length 25 m x dia 6.2 m, weight 32 mts each. Transshipment was made by two floating cranes (tandem operation) with vertical parallel slings (as per manufacturer’s requirements). We had to dismantle the 4th pass gate of the port and part of wall to allow free trucks passing.

Transshipment from sea vessels to railway transport of different oversized and heavyweight project cargoes in the port of Mariupol. More than 100 of such projects were implemented in 1999 - 2011.

 Transshipment of 3 power transformers in the port of Mariupol. Unit weight - 156 mts. Discharging was performed by the floating crane. Inland transportation to Russian Federation - by railway, using special transporters of articulated type.

Transshipment of oil RIG (each cargo piece more 500 mts) in Azov Shipyard for Dacotrans (Germany) destination Baku (Caspian Sea)

Transportation of orthotropic plates Mariupol – Temryuk – Cape Zhelezny Rog (Construction Site Tolyaty Azot) by our own barges+tugs. Dimensions of the orthotropic plates are 30 m x 2-4 m x 1.5 m. There were 46 of voyages.

Delivery of ore mining and processing equipment from Massan (Korea) and Houston (USA) to Komsomolsk (Poltava reg, Ukraine) for Ferexpo Poltava GOK Corporation. Item1: 108 mts, dia 8.6m x 1.8m; Item2: 60 mts dia 7.32m x 3.05 m. Transshipment was made in the port of Illychevsk by floating cranes. River shipment – by barge PDM-11. Discharging in Komsomolsk – using Ro-Ro method by special heavy lift trailer, without any cranes.

Carriage of the portal crane (weight 300 mts) in the non-dismantled condition by barge TMI-4.  The crane was delivered from Mariupol to Cape Zhelezny Rog (Construction site Tolyaty Azot). Loading/discharging - using Ro-Ro method by Yuzhmormontazh. Towing was made by Donbasstransitservice tug boats “Shtil” and “Kapella”.

Transportation of two reactors Bratislava – Turkmenbashi, weight of each is 255 mts, dimensions 31.9m x dia 7.5 m. River shipment was done by barge PDM-11, transshipment was done in Ilychevsk port by floating crane Bogatyr. On-carriage to Turkmenbashi was done by m/v Samur 15 and m/v Samur 18 (STK-type) on hold's hatches according to Digital Marine Technology's project.

There is a long-term project for delivery of many heavyweight and oversized cargoes from Italy to Baku region. We have involved barge TMI-4 in this work and have been providing commercial management for it since 2004 until the present time. The flag of TMI-4 was specially changed from Ukrainian to Russian to get free passage through the Russian internal rivers (the Volga, the Don).

Transshipment of wind power equipment at Port Chernomorsk from seagoing vessels to trucks for Fuhrlander Company.
Tower Sections dimensions up to до 33m x 5,3m x 5,3m, weights up to 86 mts.
Blades dimensions 74m x 3,6m x 3,9m, weight 25 mts

Transshipment from sea vessel to trucks and following truck delivery with police escort Mariupol (port Azovstal) – Novoazovsk (Donetsk reg.) / Krasnoselskoye (Crimea) of three dismantled windpower stations. Maximum dimensions are 35 m x dia 4.2 m, weight 30 mts.